How to Better Share Experiences & Life Lessons (A Framework)

This is a really interesting framework. As a team member talked about himself, I can relate my experience to his experience, and that made it easier to see things from his perspective. Therefore, I took what he learned to be part of my knowledge base. It’s much better that someone tells you “I’m teaching you a lesson, here’s some advice”. The latter may actually get some resentment.

Daily UI Design #10: Share Button


Today’s UI design theme is a “share button”. Sharing, probably facilitated by the Internet era, has become a pretty common behavior today, when I make something I’m proud of, when I saw something pretty, when I’m angry about something, when I’m surprised by something. There are many scenarios that we have the urge to share something with friends, family and even strangers. I landed on the idea of sharing game score. I thought of continuing my Halloween theme, but I felt like I like something with brighter colors this time.