Express Your Designer Self through Writing

Recently, I gave a presentation to a group of 100 designers on how to get started in writing and keep it up.

In this presentation, I shared my stories – why I started writing, some tips on what to write, how to write it, where to publish, as well as how writing can help with them to become better communicators at work.

My audience was Chinese designers in North America, so I delivered the presentation in Chinese. The slides were in English though. Check out the recording.

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Writing A Good Email…

Emailing is an essential communication tool. Dealing with hundreds of emails per day is hard to imagine, but it’s a true story for Computer Science people and, I believe, for some other majors, too. Emails become much more important when we are doing a project. Project Managers (PMs), I believe, should be the ones who pay attention to writing good emails, as they need to make sure the team get their messages right in a very short time.

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