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Rohan Rajiv’s blog A Learning A Day is my inspirational source for my A Doooodle A Day. I’ve been following his blog for almost a year now and amazed by his rich thoughts and discoveries in his daily life.

I remember he had a post on how he got started — it was hard to write things out at the beginning, so he posted quotes, sometimes a few sentences just to keep this habit going. As time went, writing has become more natural, words has come out flowy.  It’s all practice, I think, if you just keep going.

I tried writing for a few days but seemed it didn’t work out. I really want to have some habit that lets me happily have a day checked off. Tried a few different ways and still didn’t work.

Now, I think I’ve found a way that better fits me — doodles with thoughts. I’m a visual person, love doodling, it sparks me to think.

On 07/19/2015, I started this A Doooodle A Day habit in my almost discarded Instagram. So far, I feel very fulfilling that I can leave a mark of my life here. It’s a magical feeling when you find a way to do something great and discover that you’re actually good at it.

Life is good!

So far, one of my fav doodles is:
A doooodle a day

And the story is:

07/25/2015 – “After more than five-years’ long distance relationship, literally thousands of miles apart from each other, my boyfriend came to the USA from China to join me. Compared to that, the decision of getting married is really not that big. We officially kicked off our wedding ring shopping today, starting from browsing online catalogs. It’s not easy for me, because I’m kind of the tomboy type of girl and I think whatever is fine, as long as it’s not too ugly. But my boyfriend is very picky on this, he insists that mine should be the ring of dreams, and his can be something simple and cheap, because, well, guys are simple. Seems the shopping journey would not be as short as I imagined. After nail this down, we will just need to schedule an appointment with the local county clerk office to get our marriage license and hold a simple ceremony, which in total, should not take more than one hour. Both our families are far back in China, and we don’t have the time or money to plan a big party, so this would be it. We may make it up later with families, or at an anniversary. Imagine a big party when we are 80 years old :) We will probably go to eat something nice afterwards, celebrating it with a couple friends. Simple, but happy.”

Do you doodle? Let’s share!

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