Ask Questions to Better Manage Time

Once in a while, I need to revisit ways to manage my time better.

One of them is the classic 4-quadrants, — attending matters based on their importance and urgency:

  • Important/urgent
  • Important/not urgent
  • Not important/urgent
  • Not important/not urgent

It can be tricky to tell what things should go to which category. So it’s important to ask ourselves some very important questions: “What is the most important problem I’m trying to solve now? Why is it the most important one? How much effort does it take and how much impact will it have? What would the results and benefits be for whoever affected?”

This way, find out things we need to focus on, and figure out what we need to delay or say “no” to. I think I’m still very far from managing my time well, and intentionally practicing it like this will help me grow it into a habit.

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