Everyday UX – A Water Tap That Saves Water

A Water Tap That Saves Water

Recently, I noticed this water tap in a public restroom and immediately liked it.

I often see water running wasted from those hand-auto-detect water taps, and wonder how we can easily turn the tap on, easily shut it off while we reach out to soap and then easily turn it on again hands free.This one pretty much solves it, at least for me.

There’s a U shape on the tap, so you actually don’t need to turn it on with hand, instead, you forearm the “U” up a bit and then it’s on. The height of the counter is right above my waist, so it’s perfect for me to do that. Getting soap? Forearm it down to shut it off. Then, turn it on again without using the soap hands. Finally, shut it off hands free.

Very easy to do, and I’m happy that I can save some water, too.

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