Creative Uses of Whiteboards

One of the most useful purchases I’ve made is a medium-size whiteboard. To be honest, three years ago, I bought it because I thought it’s cool to have a whiteboard at home, since I do designs. I thought it would be easier to blast ideas on it, and I imagined it would be always full of doodles, ideas or some other awesome things.

For a long time, I didn’t make full use of it. Most of time, it’s blank. Sometimes, I wrote something on it and forgot to erase for another month, and the marks were hard to be taken off.

One of the most out-of-box uses was using it as a bed… When we moved to our current apartment, we had no bed or mattress. Yanbin threw it to the floor along with a few flattened cardboards, put a few layers of blankets and quilts on top, then it became a temporary bed for at least two weeks. What a use!

Now the whiteboard has become my good buddy when I work from home. It’s so easy to comb my thoughts by writing ideas in a big blank board, and changing them later if needed. It’s also convenient when need to put up some big charts.

Since it’s not a big board, the best chair I have to go with it is a child’s chair from IKEA, hahaha.


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