Find Your Drawing Style

I’ve been doodling daily for over a year, and it has become an indispensable part of my life.

When I was a kid, I loved grabbing pens and making pictures on paper, and maybe that was why my mom sent me to study drawing in an art after-school program and later with a private teacher. Looking back, I appreciate the efforts my mom put in me to develop this hobby, but I found it hard to find fun from all the cube sketching, watercoloring and copying pictures from the books. So, I quited them not long after I started.

Later, I fell in love with Japanese Animes. I loved the styles that those characters were drawn and how the stories were developed. I copied lots and lots of those characters and sometimes came up new stories with them. I had stacks of such drawings on random paper and sketchbooks. I had so much desire to draw — I even secretly kept a notebook in my school bag, so that I can give it a quick dribble whenever I was bored with the lectures.

From all these, I kind of developed my own drawing styles, sometimes anime, sometime dribbles. As I grow older, I’m moving away from the fancy Japanese animation style, and have come to a simple one that feels closer to my heart to illustrate whatever thought or story I want: doodles — the one you’re looking at right now, as well as all the other daily doodles in this past year.

It really doesn’t matter what style your drawing is, what matters is if you are keep trying to look for one that can best express yourself — your thoughts, stories.

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