“Bring it on. We’re ready to live!”

I just learned that a few years ago, diabetes came to my good karate friend Juan.

My grandma has diabetes. She has to needle in some medicine to her belly a couple of times a day. Every time I visit her, I see her glance at the clock at certain times, open the fridge, get a needle and medicine, sit down at the edge of her bed, press the needle and push the medicine into a specific area on her belly. Then, she disinfects the needle using medical alcohol and puts everything away. She told me with a smile that she’s already very used to the process — it’s a bit annoying to do it every day and avoid certain types of food, but that’s what it takes to keep her healthy.

My friend Juan also has a great attitude on diabetes. This is what he wrote:

When I first heard I was diabetic, I laughed.

I was in denial and couldn’t believe it could happen to me. The test results must be wrong. Perhaps I could go on a diet and keep it controlled? Deep inside, I didn’t want to believe. I was convinced I could change a couple of things and live the way I used to.

Here I am a few years later. Who knew this was going to be a journey — a new way of life?

As bad as it is, diabetes is saving my life. At the rate I was going, I might have ended up with a heart attack or worse, dead before my time. Now I know what I have to do to stay healthy, and I have a second chance to enjoy my life with the world and loved ones.

Losing weight is difficult. I understand that. I am fortunate to have a dojo family — a sanctuary — where I can work towards living and not just surviving. But, don’t forget that you too are not alone. If you are in a similar situation “Speak Up”, seek help, or come to us. Together, we can get through this and live a long and healthier life.

Whether you are perfectly healthy, or have other health problems, come and take the martial arts journey. We can figure out a plan and work together. You too can experience the magic of martial arts and the benefits that karate can help you achieve: focus, health, determination, and self-esteem.

Martial arts can save your life as it has helped to save mine. You are important and have much to offer the world.

Together, we can say, “Bring it on. We are ready to live!”

Way to go, Juan!

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