A Handdrawn Card Just for You

A Handdrawn Card Just for You

I’ve volunteered a few times to draw cards for our colleagues’ special events, like baby showers, going-away parties and pre-wedding parties. I really enjoyed this little activity and do not mind at all spending extra time after work to make handmade cards with my doodles.

Believe or not, team collaboration is crucial in order to make it successful. To be able to make a good card, I need to secretly get information about this colleague’s event, so that I can envision what should be put on the card. Sometimes, I brainstorm with my colleagues on what to draw and how to make things more fun.

Once I have the card ready, it’s time to pass around and have everyone sign. I wrap it inside a piece of paper, which makes it look like a regular work document and send around. My lovely colleagues keep it as a top secret — they quietly sign and pass it to each other, and finally back to me.

Then, out of the surprise, we give it to the person that has the special event. So fulfilling to see their expressions when they get the cards!

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