Design Our Futures

Design our futures

Alida Draudt, Experience Design Strategist/Futurist at Capital One, gave a really interesting talk on designing futures.

Our “present” leads to many different futures: the possible futures (all potential options), the probably futures (most likely to happen) and the preferred futures (desired futures).

Future sounds indefinite, but we can design it — but how do we navigate futures?


  • Create a baseline today
  • Consider all the possible futures
  • Consider a preferable future
  • Backcast on implications (what I prefer 15 years from now, therefore, what I need to do 10 yrs from now, 5 yrs, 1 yr etc)
  • Work toward the preferable one.

I love the quote from James Dator: “any useful statement about the future should at first appear to be ridiculous”.

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