Event Notes: Women & Career Preparedness Panel

I went to a wonderful panel event with the theme “Yes, I’m Ready. Getting Women to Believe in Their Own Career Preparedness.”, hosted by Leap.ai. Below are notes from this event & answers from these great female leaders.

How to decide where to go for your career

  • Be open and follow your heart
  • Do you feel you can learn something new?
  • Do you really admire the person you will work for?

What is a good boss?

  • Have trust in you
  • Respect you
  • Tough trainers
  • Combo of mentorship & sponsorship
  • Have a clear purpose
  • Lead the team

What is a great hire?

  • Focus and know what they want
  • Passionate about being better, have the drive, great attitude
  • If it’s an engineer, collaboration, communication, problem solving skills are essential

Growth comes with chaos

  • Expect chaos when you grow
  • Stay clear goal and step by step, don’t just execute

Life and work balance

  • Check in with yourself to give yourself time to do things outside of work
  • Have a great partner that supports you

Higher academic degrees

  • Having a degree can be helpful for whoever values it
  • You may meet great people who you nature deep relationships

What are things that help you advance your career.

  • Diagnosis for a problems is essential.
  • Willing to do things others are not willing to do. But there are a lot of low hanging fruits.
  • Take time (e.g. maternity leave) to reassess yourself and look for the next level.

Resources to help you with career

  • Don’t wait too long to get a mentor.
    • Ask someone to be your mentor. But it may need some chemistry between you.
  • Books
    • Creativity inc.
    • The Confidence Code
    • Women In Tech
    • Biography to learn from great people, e.g. Justice Ginsberg, The rainbow comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper

Things to hold you back from career & how to get away from them

  • Be spectacularly good and make people shocked about your ability
  • Be the change you want to see, don’t expect things to change or others to take actions for you
  • Ask why people do bad things to you that way, what they assume

How to cultivate your team

  • Goal setting is important
    • What roles you are in
    • Skills you want to learn
  • Create a safe environment for your team to grow

Don’t apologize for things you don’t know or things are not your thing (e.g. football). It’s fine that they’re not your thing.

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