Bring Offline Shopping Experience Online


When we shop offline, i.e. in a store, we are free to walk around the aisles and ask store representatives for help. Well, when we shop online, there’s no such luxury to ask them, or touch and feel and even try the products. Think about how to bridge this gap for online shoppers, we should know better about how a shopper shops.

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Social Commerce Panel Talk from Play Conference 2013

I was organizing my notes on interesting events I attended, and found this on social commerce topic. It’s from Play Conference 2013, and still looks interesting, so I decided to put it in my blog. It’s more of notes recording questions from the host, and interesting opinions from the panelists, rather than my own thoughts.


Joe Zadeh (Airbnb)

Woody Hartman (Lyft)

Mitchel Harad (Lending Club)

Victor Echevarria (Task Rabbit)

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