5 Ways to Find Latest Updates of Your Favorite Topics

Do you feel overwhelmed by information sometimes? I do. It’s so hard to stay with the latest news of my favorite topics, but I figured out 5 great ways to get them: Google Alerts, subscribing email newsletters, RSS, checking websites/social networks and search. Hopefully they can be useful to you, too.

The Power of Words

I am reading a great book called Seductive Interactive Design, and am so impressed with its description about the influence of words. I cannot help to share a little from this “chapter of words”. It definitely gave me a “WOW” when I read the following regarding effective e-mail headlines.

Writing A Good Email…

Emailing is an essential communication tool. Dealing with hundreds of emails per day is hard to imagine, but it’s a true story for Computer Science people and, I believe, for some other majors, too. Emails become much more important when we are doing a project. Project Managers (PMs), I believe, should be the ones who pay attention to writing good emails, as they need to make sure the team get their messages right in a very short time.