The Power of Words

Words are important!

I am reading a great book called Seductive Interactive Design, and am so impressed with its description about the influence of words. I cannot help to share a little from this “chapter of words”. It definitely gave me a “WOW” when I read the following regarding effective e-mail headlines.

The email titles below are from Marc Cenedella, Founder and CEO of See if you wouldn’t feel the urge to open some of these e-mails:

Fresh Ammo for Your Job Hunt

I Have 3 Things To Tell You

It’s Time Your Resume Retired

Recession-Busting Career Secrets

I Took Your Advice!

Seeking VP, Anything


Should You Trade Some Salary for a Top Title?

I Didn’t Hire You for a Reason

Leonardo da Vinci’s Resume

How Do Other People Ace Their Interviews?

I Thought My Resume Was OK, until I Saw What

Everybody Else Is Doing

Compare the above with the daily job listings e-mails sent out by another company:

Saved search results – 2/5/2011

Saved search results – 2/6/2011

Saved search results – 2/7/2011

Saved search results – 2/8/2011


Well, it’s so obvious, when you compare one another. I am not a marketing person, but I do know that everyone needs to know some marketing, either in building his/her own personal branding, doing routine work, or at least – sending an email. Marketing is just everywhere.

And words can make it even more powerful, or… much less.


Anyway, keeping in mind the example above. Move on improving.

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  1. Joy Chen

    Yingying, I could not agree with you more on the power of words. This has been a recurring theme in my own life as I struggled to learn English. Now I see the power of words not just to sell things (through marketing), but also to make the world a more beautiful and hopeful place. Your blog is gorgeous and inspiring to me. Great work!!

    1. Yingying

      Thank you Joy! I agree. The art of effective speaking becomes so much more important today. Speaking of marking and sales, I think everyone should at least be a good salesperson of himself/herself:)


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