Embrace The Unknown

A couple of days ago, I watched a short video on an interesting Google lab project. The team is working on capturing and analyzing human hand gestures and small hand movements, like pinching and snapping. It feels like they are trying to interpret human intent.

This is an area that no one has fully explored before. No one knows if they would succeed, or fall on their face.

It was amazing to see the team members throw themselves wholeheartedly into such a world of unknown. I loved it when they said “we don’t know what it’s going to be, but unless you do it, you don’t know.”

Wait, isn’t this true with our “normal” lives as well?

There are countless unknowns in our lives. They can be as small as moving to a new neighborhood, starting a new job, first timer for skydiving; or as big as living in anther country, far away from home.

The unknown can make us scared, hesitant, anxious. But on the other hand, if we have our life blueprints laid down in front of our noses, and we know exactly what’s going to happen next second, life would not be as fun.

Embracing the unknown has led human being such far.  And it will keep pushing us forward.



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