Big Picture vs Small Picture

Today, three of us were discussing about some design options. We spent quite some time on this one design details, when my coworker Felix called it a stop.

“We are looking at this detail for so long and will probably can spend next five hours talking about it,” he said, “I feel that we are too focused on details and kinda lost the big picture. Let’s skip this and figure out the big things first, then come back to it.”

It was an “ah-ha!” to me.¬†Sometimes I feel myself focus on detailed things too much, while sometimes on things that are too big.

For now, it’s hard for me to draw a clear line between them, and be able to consciously switch back and forth. For now.

One thing might be helpful is that when stuck, take a pause, ask “what’s the purpose of this? Why am I doing this? Is this necessary? What if it’s not?” Answer these questions and answers may appear naturally. Also, talking through the problem with people is helpful, too. It’s always good to get fresh perspectives when my thoughts are trapped in a hole.

Next time, give it a try.

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