Google and Me

google and me

Inspired by my 10-day Zentangle practice, now I want to find opportunities to continue this little fun activity in my life.

I thought about drawing objects from my life, from desk light, to trash cans, to laptop to my Amazon Echo. Eventually, I landed on “company logos”: draw them with Zentangles, and write about my stories with them. It will be fun this way, to comb through companies and products that have impacted my life in some ways. And it also nice to add an artsy layer to those well-designed, concise representative images of companies.

I decided to start from a website I use the most: Google.

Google has become my go-to search engine a long time ago. Years ago, we can use it in mainland China, but later it got banned. I didn’t feel much difference, as our homegrown search engine Baidu kept getting better. After I came to the US, I realized so much more info out in the world has become accessible. Of course, that means I have to have better judgments on news and other info.

Google as a company has great impacts on my growth of understanding the technology industry. It’s one of the leading tech giants that always stands in the frontline of technology, always exploring what’s next.

One of the best qualities I admire Google is its openness. They’re trying to get more people connected to the Internet and this Information Age, whether it be the Google Search, Android or anything else. They’ve done an amazing job. Of course, every company needs to live, so I’m normally fine with Google AdWords and other things it uses to try to make money.

I also appreciate all the Google products, such as Gmail, and their efforts to keep improving them.

I see Google is still going to be a leading company in its field, as long as they keep moving forward, have good causes in their missions and try to make people’s lives better.

Like this Google logo, I’ll just pick up my pens, draw whatever comes to my mind and go with the flow. It will be very fulfilling once I get a stack of these Zentangle logos under my belt.


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