How to Put Art on Your Shoes


For the first time, I did drawings on my shoe as decoration. Last week, I bought a pair of Converse classic white shoes. As I was wearing them this week, an idea struck me — how about putting some something onto the white shoes, so that they are less dull?

I went to Pinterest for some inspirations, see how people using their shoes as a canvas. Then, I started my project.

Here are tools and steps of how you can put art onto your shoes:

Tools: pencils, eraser, Marvy Uchida fabric markers and a Kiwi Project-All spray to protect my shoes from dirt and water.




Try ideas on paper: I tried out ideas on paper first. It’s really hard to decide to start drawing, because once the tip is on the shoes, there’s no way to get back, even the pencil sketches are hard to clean. I went on anyway, without spending too much time thinking. Pinterest is a good place to help you find your inspirations.



Next, draw on your shoes!

I outlined wings with a black marker on the outside side of each shoe, then filled in shapes I learned from Zentangles I’ve drawn these days. Basically from there, I just drew wherever my thoughts went.



I used yellow to give it a light outline and removed the pencil sketches.



Outlined with black color.



Added some shadows for the wings.



Filled extra space with patterns.



Added cute leaves for the lace holes.



Added more lines to wings.



I tried it, but hmm something’s missing. I decided to add some more patterns, so that the shoes can look better.


I added some random patterns above the wings: I colored the area first, then drew lines with black.


Added some brown color.


For the inner side, I colored it brown.


And added some lines with black. Simple patterns.


Now it looked much more balanced! It definitely can be better, but I was very satisfied with my work that lasted 3 hours. Time to spray and let them dry.


My art shoes were getting dried!



So proud of myself and my art shoes!


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