Tech Impacts on Humans

Our friends and we touched on some very interesting topics over dinner, one of which is technologies in the future and how it affects human beings. My friend learned from seminars that some people predict that as technologies develop, some physical things will be “dematerialized”. Take phones as an example. Phones came out as a communication tool, and as they developed, it became smaller and smaller in size. Then, smartphones appeared, in fact, they are computers living in smaller devices, and all the software became more compact and packaged into “Apps”. Will there be a day that things like Apps, even knowledge itself become so compact that they’ll not need a specific physical form, but rather be plugged in anywhere? What if there’s a way to plug into the brains all the knowledge a person needs to learn, without really learning it — you plug a chip of “Einstein”, you become as smart as Einstein? Would making everyone with the same smartness significantly improve the human world, or would it become incredibly boring because of lack of competitions?

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