Bring Offline Shopping Experience Online


When we shop offline, i.e. in a store, we are free to walk around the aisles and ask store representatives for help. Well, when we shop online, there’s no such luxury to ask them, or touch and feel and even try the products. Think about how to bridge this gap for online shoppers, we should know better about how a shopper shops.

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Conversation UI and Chatbots — They’re Great, But Think Clear about Your Service, Users Before Heading There

Recently I’ve been reading quite a few articles on chatbots and Conversation UI (aka having conversation back and forth on screen with a human or a bot). Apparently, they are one of the hottest trends in the technology world. Given the fact that most users do not download even one app vs an increasing amount of apps published in app stores per month, companies and developers are looking for a better way to productize services and ideas. A conversation-based UI has become one of solutions that gets applause and supporters. I agree that this opens up many new opportunities, including voice-based interactions, but also concerned that people will follow the trends without thinking it through.

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What’s Machine Learning

whats machine learning

Machine learning is a way to teach computers to learn without explicitly programming them. This technique has been used in various industries. For example, you may have noticed that Facebook can automatically tag friends’ faces from your pictures, or your email box can prevent spam emails for you. That’s all marching learning. We probably use it tons a day without even knowing it.

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