Learning iOS Dev – A Twitter Client

iOS Dev - Week 3

Week 3 Assignment


iOS Dev - Week 4

Week 4 Assignment

Last two weeks, 3rd and 4th week into the Codepath iOS development course, I had joy and pain doing my assignments — A Twitter client.

For week 3, I was able to get through most of the optional items. But for week 4, I almost on the edge of not finishing the required items… To be honest, I did spent less time on week 4, about 17 hours. I spent 25.5 hours in week 3. But I would hope that my coding and thinking speed can go faster, too…

Glad that I made it through the required items, around 5pm on the homework deadline day! Submission deadline was midnight.

A few thoughts:

  • I got a general idea how delegates work, however, I realized I don’t have a deep understanding for it yet.
  • I re-learned how to read API docs. Woohoo! I haven’t done that for a long long time.
  • I was fighting with XCode for some weird buggies, not sure it was me or XCode. Auto Layout had hiccups on me quite a few times, and all the views moved to top right. I was told that I might over-constrain them, but I swear I double checked and that should not happen. It was weird.
  • I experienced weird situation that iOS Simulator suddenly didn’t take any clicks. Had to restart XCode several times, clean projects and force quit Xcode again. Finally worked but I had no idea how I fixed it..
  • If I want to click on an image in a table view cell to perform segue, I need to add a tap gesture recognizer. Because there are many table view cells, I need an array of tap recognizers to capture the tap action. Image user interaction needs to be enabled.
  • The way a tweet is structured is interesting. In the JSON of every tweet, it includes the full user information, like id, screenname, followers count etc. In some situations, you don’t even need to access a User object for that info, just use the tweet.
  • Be careful with retweet.

Definitely need some sleep and good relaxation after getting all these individual projects done.

Starting from next week, I will partner with a classmate to work on a group project for 3 weeks. After that, we have an internal demo. Way to goooooo!


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