Learning iOS Dev – A Tip Calculator

Learning iOS Dev - A Tip Calculator

My company Hearsay Systems organized an internal iOS development bootcamp, hosted by CodePath. I’ve been working with our mobile team a bit, and really want to hone my skills on app design, so this would be a great opportunity to dig into it.

Native, HTML5, Responsive, or Mobile Site?

I got to read an excellent article from David Thompson comparing four popular strategies if your want to go mobile: native app, HTML 5 (with native wrapper), responsive web design and mobile site. I’ll explain a little more if you are not sure about these concepts.

A Painful Lesson from Hipstamatic vs. Instagram

This might be a perfect and painful example that how a once successful product fades. After reading it, I seemed to understand why and how it got itself in trap. I think this is a good read for anyone who is interested in product design/development/management, because the lesson of this product is so painful and so valuable.

Google + Apple = Gooapple?


I never link iPhone4’s interfaces with Android before until I watched this video. It is another creativity from China — Gooapple (interesting name!) 3G mobile product.