Where to Find Your Next UX Designer Job (Or Maybe Any Tech Job) Opportunity?

You just checked your resume to make sure every “i” dotted and “t” crossed. You polished your portfolio once again. You’re good to go to apply for your next job as a UX Designer. But, where to begin? How can you maximize your exposure to recruiters/HR/Hiring Managers? Which channels should you focus your efforts on?

Chinese version: 《UX设计师美国找工作总结 | 第一弹:简历、作品集投到哪里?》

Daily UI Design #10: Share Button


Today’s UI design theme is a “share button”. Sharing, probably facilitated by the Internet era, has become a pretty common behavior today, when I make something I’m proud of, when I saw something pretty, when I’m angry about something, when I’m surprised by something. There are many scenarios that we have the urge to share something with friends, family and even strangers. I landed on the idea of sharing game score. I thought of continuing my Halloween theme, but I felt like I like something with brighter colors this time.

Daily UI Design #9: Music Player


I’ve been really busy and didn’t have time for my little daily UI design practices for a few day, so need to catchup. Today’s UI design theme is a “music player”, I decided to make an iPhone page where a song is playing.

Daily UI Design #6: User Profile


Today’s UI design theme is “User Profile”. If you are familiar with web applications like Facebook, a user profile is where you see your personal info.

I started with listing the kinds of applications that can have a user profile, like games (for some reason, this was the very first thing coming to my mind) and application profiles. I’ve seen many profiles for applications, and they look more or less the same. I went with the game idea — it’s the right time now because I can make it a Halloween theme!