Event Notes: Design Joyful Experiences

Speaker: Frank Chartand – Sr. Prod Design (Headspace)

Focus: Mindfulness and Creativity

Add “Delight, Joy” moments to products

(Great pleasure, satisfaction or happiness, not pure transactional)

It’s very easy to forget delight among all the busyness. Users are buying something to make their lives better. We should help them achieve that.


Designers should always battle against average experiences

Even with design systems (which seem to have all the answers) in place, we should leave room for creativity.

“In times where every app/site looks the same, sprinkling is an act of bravery.”

Formula for delight

Book “designing emotion”, “emotional design”

Hierarchy of User Needs

  • Pleasure (Make sure all things below are well done, e.g. Slack) – Top
  • Usability (Make sure all things below are well done)
  • Reliability (Make sure all things below are well done)
  • Functionality (Foundation) – Bottom

Levels of design appeal

  • Visceral
  • Behavioral
  • Reflective (when you are not using a product, how you feel about the app)


It’s design’s job to push for delightful design details.

Add human flavor to the copy.

Dropbox Paper onboarding experience

Make sure little things are fun: app update notes.

Make users feel – “They care me as a user.”

On little details.

  • Mailbox Inbox Zero image.
  • Messenger sound
  • Spotify Stranger Things

Fight hard to make it happen with PM/Eng

How to get delight into the products?

  • Map out the flow and find key areas to and present to PMs
  • Eventually you build up muscle
  • Get close to the decision makers and share thought processes
  • Try align with the metrics (PM mindset) to reach mutual appreciation?
  • Build close relationships
  • Build trust with PMs

“Not everything that matters can be measured, and not everything that is measured matters.”


As designers, we should not lose the fun for crafts and lose to the metrics. We should find the moments to add the delight.


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