Build Trustworthy AI-Empowered Products

Aparna Chennapragada, Director of Google Now, was going to give an talk on building trustworthy AI-empowered products at the event Product That Count. I was definitely in, because our team is striving to build a trustworthy AI product called Fluid XPS.

A Plan to Review Top Free iPhone Apps

On 3/21/2015, I downloaded top 30 free apps from each of the 23 categories (except Games) from iPhone App Store, so that I can experience more of them. I will try each app, go over all the pages and capabilities. Take notes of everything that comes to my mind. I decide to invest my time, I know this will help me do better in design.

Review iPhone Apps - All

Skeuomorphic vs. Flat Design

skeuomorphic vs flat design

I came across this excellent article about Apple’s highly textured and ornamented design (so-called “Skeuomorphic”) and Windows 8’s flat design. Apple tries to simulate real world objects and textures in its apps, such as iBook, Calendar, Notes; and in contrast, Microsoft tends to make interfaces look more flat and digital by removing every bit of adornment from its latest UI.