Google Launched Its New Logo

Google launched a new logo today. I didn’t like it very much when I saw it.

I think it somehow lost the “Google style”, the font looks similar to the kind used in many other websites.

Then I saw an article Evolving the Google Identity by their designers on how the Google identity evolves and explained why they made the new logo that way.

I thought, hmm, makes sense. In fact, I really appreciated the explanations, it let me see the rationale behind the scene. Looking back on the years when I just started shifting to design field, I had a very hard time to explain my work to others. I thought my designs mostly came out of intuition, how can one explain how intuition works?

Over the years, I gradually understand that designs can be explained. In fact, designs should be explained: to business people who need to sell them; to sales people who need to promote them; to engineers who will build them; to users who will use them. Design decisions should be articulated to all stakeholders, to get everyone in the team on the same page, so that the project can move forward.


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