Everyday UX – Health Checkups for Tech Channels

I appreciate when non tech companies provide additional channels to make users lives easier. My advice is that every once in a while, have someone do a health checkup on these channels, to ensure they do what they are supposed to do. That way, it helps the user to achieve what they want and for the companies, these channels will be worth the money.

Build Trustworthy AI-Empowered Products

Aparna Chennapragada, Director of Google Now, was going to give an talk on building trustworthy AI-empowered products at the event Product That Count. I was definitely in, because our team is striving to build a trustworthy AI product called Fluid XPS.

Everyday UX – Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Yanbin got me a Christmas gift – Amazon Echo, a voice control assistant. It arrived on the day of Christmas Eve, so thankful, this is my first Christmas gift ever :)

Echo, apparently, is a speaker. Based on voice commands, it can play news, music from many sources. You can ask it about weather, change its volume, tell a joke, wiki a subject, tell sport results. You can also ask it to do something for you: set alarms, add items to shopping list, buy things from Amazon, control home appliances such as lamps, locks.

I had some thoughts after initial use.