News Websites (2) – Videos During Japan Quake

I searched videos about Japan Nuclear News on YouTube, too. For comparison, I took a look at the most famous Chinese Video Websites Tudou, YouKu, and Ku6 as well. I like the YouTube’s loading speed, but prefer the news format in Chinese video sites.

News Websites (1) – During Japan Quake

I am very concerned about Japanese Earthquake these days and following different sites to get latest news. I have some of them also on my iPod Touch, so that I could get updated as soon as possible. The news sites I am following are: CNN, NHK-World, Wall Street Journal-Chinese and BBC.

Writing A Good Email…

Emailing is an essential communication tool. Dealing with hundreds of emails per day is hard to imagine, but it’s a true story for Computer Science people and, I believe, for some other majors, too. Emails become much more important when we are doing a project. Project Managers (PMs), I believe, should be the ones who pay attention to writing good emails, as they need to make sure the team get their messages right in a very short time.

Appreciation for A Music DJ

I was totally impressed by this enthusiastic DJ – he was immersed in the music. I can tell how much he loves his job. I want to have a career that I can put so much passion into, too :)