Stop. Think. Get The Banana!

A very interesting test in psychology: There is a room divided by a fence (not completely) into two parts, say A and B. We let the chimp and banana close to each other, however not in a reachable distance. Guess what would happen?

Happy Chinese New Year of The Rabbit!

It was my second time to welcome the Chinese New Year overseas. As international students in United States, we could not stay at home with our families or enjoy the 7-day long holidays in China, but we still made it fantastic!

A Glance of 3 Real Estate Searching Sites


For website users, first-glance impression might be very important, especially when there are many similar-function websites for them to use. Usually when we know we have many available and similar resources, we become somewhat critical. As Kristina Halvorson mentioned in her book Content Strategy for the Web, if users are not satisfied at first, they simply go. For websites, it is like “love at the first sight”. People may endure the interfaces at first, even if they don’t like it so much; but if it is hard to use too, they, like said above, they go immediately for other sites.