News Websites (2) – Videos During Japan Quake

I searched videos about Japan Nuclear News on YouTube, too. For comparison, I took a look at the most famous Chinese Video Websites Tudou, YouKu, and Ku6 as well. I like the YouTube’s loading speed, but prefer the news format in Chinese video sites.

News Websites (1) – During Japan Quake

I am very concerned about Japanese Earthquake these days and following different sites to get latest news. I have some of them also on my iPod Touch, so that I could get updated as soon as possible. The news sites I am following are: CNN, NHK-World, Wall Street Journal-Chinese and BBC.

Writing A Good Email…

Emailing is an essential communication tool. Dealing with hundreds of emails per day is hard to imagine, but it’s a true story for Computer Science people and, I believe, for some other majors, too. Emails become much more important when we are doing a project. Project Managers (PMs), I believe, should be the ones who pay attention to writing good emails, as they need to make sure the team get their messages right in a very short time.

Appreciation for A Music DJ

I was totally impressed by this enthusiastic DJ – he was immersed in the music. I can tell how much he loves his job. I want to have a career that I can put so much passion into, too :)

Stop. Think. Get The Banana!

A very interesting test in psychology: There is a room divided by a fence (not completely) into two parts, say A and B. We let the chimp and banana close to each other, however not in a reachable distance. Guess what would happen?

Happy Chinese New Year of The Rabbit!

It was my second time to welcome the Chinese New Year overseas. As international students in United States, we could not stay at home with our families or enjoy the 7-day long holidays in China, but we still made it fantastic!