Lesson from An Air Pump: Eliminate Extra Stuff in Designs

I am thinking about what challenge designers could eliminate for users when designing various products. Now as a User Experience Engineer, it’s part of my job to simplify the designs while keep good functionality as much as possible. This is a process though, since we, designers, sometimes tend to hold our ideas like babies, and do not want to give up any. However, holding too much on unnecessary components may result in frustrated users like me. And worse, they would leave and go for other similar, but better, products.

Google + Apple = Gooapple?


I never link iPhone4’s interfaces with Android before until I watched this video. It is another creativity from China — Gooapple (interesting name!) 3G mobile product.

From IA Summit 2011 – The Fall and Rise of UX

User Experience has become a famous (and fashionable?) phrase at this moment, almost all companies talk about it – they would value customers and their experience. The author of this closing plenary obviously has wisdom and calmness to view this situation critically. User Experience (UX) time comes and of course it is expected to have rise and fall. “Now” might be its rising moment.