Fun at the Karate Tournament!

2014 Yingying Karate Tournament Bo Staff

I participated in three categories: Form, Sparring and Weapon. I was very excited about showing my techniques in Form and Sparring, while a little nervous about my weapon form: I was such a newbie to using bo staff, and it had so much to improve. I was afraid that I would mess it up.

I reminded myself with a question from my instructor Sensei-Jordan: “Why do we attend the tournament?” He continued, “the most important thing is to show others the best you can do, and HAVE FUN!”

NASA: Send Your Name to Mars

Now you can send your name on a journey to Mars!

NASA is welcoming people to join the Orion’s Flight Test. Get your boarding pass and have your name fly on Orion’s flight test Dec. 4-6, 2014. This is something fun that everybody can enjoy, and may be the first step to help demystify astronomy.

Take-aways: Twitter Studio Tour

Twitter Studio Tour

It was “San Francisco Design Week” last week (06/16/2014 – 06/20/2014). I went to the Twitter Studio Tour, enjoyed a talk from Mike Davidson, Twitter’s VP of Design, and got to talk to a few awesome designers. Here are my take-aways.

Social Commerce Panel Talk from Play Conference 2013

I was organizing my notes on interesting events I attended, and found this on social commerce topic. It’s from Play Conference 2013, and still looks interesting, so I decided to put it in my blog. It’s more of notes recording questions from the host, and interesting opinions from the panelists, rather than my own thoughts.


Joe Zadeh (Airbnb)

Woody Hartman (Lyft)

Mitchel Harad (Lending Club)

Victor Echevarria (Task Rabbit)

The Diva – A Bizarre Yet Fascinating Idea

the diva

Ever thought about watching someone eating online to satisfy your appetite and reduce loneliness? Sounds bizarre, but online eating shows are HOT in South Korea.

The Diva is one of the shows that gets people to pay for just watching a person eating! That’s something. How does it do that?