Scientists say our genetic predisposition contributes around 50% to how happy we can be; 10% of happiness depends on our current circumstances (money, status etc); and we have lots of freedom to decide to be happy or not.

Are you happy, and what is your secret?

Four “Go-Mobile” Traps

I enjoyed a great talk by Mike Mace on “The Four Mobile Traps” – Lots of great stuff and I was taking notes like crazy! I thought it would be great if I share my notes and thoughts with you, so that more people can avoid these traps :)

Design Better Professional Relationships

We under invest in relationship infrastructures.
– Alla Zollers

I enjoyed a great talk from Alla Zollers, a UX Consultant who helps companies, teams and individuals achieve greater clarity, meaning, performance and success. “We spend 90% of time communicating and building relationships in our jobs”, said Alla. And I cannot agree more. Then, how to design better professional relationships?

“Users Are Selfish, Lazy And Ruthless.”

I love Nelson’s description for online readers. We have a reason to be selfish, lazy and ruthless in this overwhelming information era. Most of times we quick scan web pages, pick words/sentences that pique our interest and ignore the rest.

A Great Night with Chinese Entrepreneurs

a great night with Chinese entrepreneurs

I had a great Friday night with a group of Chinese entrepreneurs and over 200 people who are passionate about innovation, the Internet and Chinese start-ups. I was very impressed by the enthusiastic young founders, their demos, and the panel discussion about innovation and start-ups in China vs. US.

Book Notes: The Power of Why

start with why

I simply cannot say enough how much I love this book. I read it three times and listened to its audio version at least twice. Lots of inspiring and exciting stories. Most importantly,  it reminds me to keep the root causes of my actions in mind – not just what to do or how to do something, but also why I do what I do.