Design with Your Ear — A Webinar

Test small and test often during the product discovery and design phase, so that we can create the right features for the right problems. For usability testing, start small, ask feedback and edit often before build a big prototype. We want to build products/services that customers love, instead of finishing product implementation and using live customers as test users.

Video Journal Day 100!

I don’t know what my dream is, but I’d like to do something towards it. Making it public is a great way to make myself more responsible for my progress, so I started using YouTube to do daily reports, and it just hit day 100!

What is it that you want to do? What can you do to make it a little closer to your dream?

Book Notes: How Pictures Work

Have you every struggled to tell a story effectively using pictures?

Think about the picture books we read when we were kids: how those vivid pictures got us involved, making us laugh or cry together with the characters. How do they make the stories so powerful?