Perfection Is A Goal, Not A Destination

perfection is a goal, not a destination

My favorite quote of the day: perfection is a goal, not a destination, by my coworker Mark Gilbert.

Explanation: perfection is something that we should strive for everything every day, that’s how we get things done well. However, it’s impossible to be perfect at all times. Sometimes we reach 80%, sometimes 50%, sometimes 30%. Striving for perfection doesn’t mean we can’t make mistakes. We should not be too upset to move forward because of not achieving it, either. We should do our best to maintain a high quality consistently.

Do You Bike with A Raincoat?

bike with raincoat

I rode my bicycle to school when I grew up. Whenever it rained, I put on my raincoat — not exactly a coat, more like a big tarp with a hole where my head can get out — and still biked to school. Many people wore this kind, too. It protected me very well under “tarp”, I never really got wet wearing it.

Three Words to Make Up A Story

Jonathan, our Table Topics Master today at Toastmasters meeting, threw a really fun table topics party for us. He brought a bag of small pieces of paper, each with one word on it. Every table topics speaker picks three words, and use them to make up a story.

Daily UI Design #20: Location Tracker – Santa Tracker!


After a much needed break (more than one month), I’m back today on my 100 days of daily UI design project. Today’s theme is a “Location Tracker”, an interface that track something’s location.

I remember the day when I got this theme, well, more than one month ago, and I thought, uh – a running route tracker? Can I think of anything other than what everyone else is designing? Finally, after the holidays and all the festivity, when I looked at this theme again — why not a Santa tracker?