Good work is born from iterations. It’s almost impossible to make a masterpiece in one shot, things usually start rough, then get better, and better, and better.

Manage Time with Sticky Notes

One of my fellow Toastmaster Ulrica gave a brilliant talk on time management with sticky notes. When you are overwhelmed with a lot of tasks, you just need three steps: 1. dump; 2. divide; 3. do.

Everyday UX – Health Checkups for Tech Channels

I appreciate when non tech companies provide additional channels to make users lives easier. My advice is that every once in a while, have someone do a health checkup on these channels, to ensure they do what they are supposed to do. That way, it helps the user to achieve what they want and for the companies, these channels will be worth the money.

A Day @ TEDxMarin

a day at TEDxMarin

I truly felt proud when I was finally able to sit down and enjoy the show, I saw my name coming up as part of the volunteers on the screen.