A Handdrawn Card Just for You

A Handdrawn Card Just for You

I’ve volunteered a few times to draw cards for our colleagues’ special events, like baby showers, going-away parties and pre-wedding parties. I really enjoyed this little activity.

Build Trustworthy AI-Empowered Products

Aparna Chennapragada, Director of Google Now, was going to give an talk on building trustworthy AI-empowered products at the event Product That Count. I was definitely in, because our team is striving to build a trustworthy AI product called Fluid XPS.

Find Your Drawing Style

It really doesn’t matter what style your drawing is, what matters is if you are keep trying to look for one that can best express yourself — your thoughts, stories.

Got A Level-up in My Karate Practice!

my belts

Every belt was put in the bag right after my test, so I bet all of them was full of sweat, even after this long time — every drop of sweat reflected my real hard work in the tests, so I really appreciate all of them.