How to Better Share Experiences & Life Lessons (A Framework)

This is a really interesting framework. As a team member talked about himself, I can relate my experience to his experience, and that made it easier to see things from his perspective. Therefore, I took what he learned to be part of my knowledge base. It’s much better that someone tells you “I’m teaching you a lesson, here’s some advice”. The latter may actually get some resentment.

Manage Time with Sticky Notes

One of my fellow Toastmaster Ulrica gave a brilliant talk on time management with sticky notes. When you are overwhelmed with a lot of tasks, you just need three steps: 1. dump; 2. divide; 3. do.

Got A Level-up in My Karate Practice!

my belts

Every belt was put in the bag right after my test, so I bet all of them was full of sweat, even after this long time — every drop of sweat reflected my real hard work in the tests, so I really appreciate all of them.