Tech Impacts on Humans

Would making everyone with the same smartness significantly improve the human world, or would it become incredibly boring because of lack of competitions?

Be A Maker!

maker faire

Yanbin and I went to the annual Maker Faire in San Mateo. It celebrates creativity and the process of making. It is a very family-friendly event, especially good for kids, because there are so many fun things to see and try. We loved it!

Book Notes: Becoming Steve Jobs — A Growth Story

becoming steve jobs

“Becoming Steve Jobs” is a great book. As the authors Rick Tetzeli and Brent Schlender say, this is a growth story about Steve Jobs — how he grew from a two-person team to managing a company that has thousands of employees. There are a lot of books and articles depicting him as a complete genius and at the same time, a complete jerk. From this book, I saw his soft side, his care about his employees, friends, as well as his and others’ families.

Abandoned Railroads in Marin & Thoughts on Public Transportation

thoughts on an abandoned railroad

I appreciate the effort of bringing more public transportation. The thing is, the current transportation system (buses, freeway, etc) planned and implemented years ago is falling behind. It’s reaching its capacity. Or can I say, when the system was planned, nobody expected the traffic situation can have significant changes AFTER the system was implemented?

My Journey of English Learning

journey of english learning

A friend was doing research on struggles of learning new languages when going to a new country. Yanbin and I were perfect candidates because both of us are not native English speakers but came to the US to stay. We reviewed a few critical moments that had the greatest impacts for improving our English.

Google and Me

google and me

Google has become my go-to search engine a long time ago. One of the best qualities I admire Google is its openness.